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Yellow Sea

Pronounced (Wade-Giles) Tung Hai, or (Pinyin) Dong Hai in Chinese meaning "eastern sea". Also called the Huanghai Sea.

The Yellow Sea is located between the China and Korea. It is connected to the East China Sea to the south. It has a maximum depth of 500 ft (152 m). Huge quantities of sediment are discharged into the Bohai Gulf by the Yellow River in China.

Yellow Sea or Huanghai [yellow sea], arm of the Pacific Ocean, between China and Korea. It has a maximum depth of 500 ft (152 m). Bohai, Korea Bay, and the Liaodong Gulf are its major inlets. The Huang He, Huai, Liao, and Yalu rivers empty into it. South of the Korean peninsula, it becomes the East China Sea. The name sometimes appears as Hwang-hai.