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sea snail

Types of snails are categorized based on one that is found in sea and one, which is found on land. On this basis, they can be divided into three categories namely land snails, sea snails and freshwater snails. They belong to the Molluscan class named as Gastropoda. They have coiled shells on their back when they become an adult. They can also be found in rivers, creeks, ponds and lakes.

The Different Types of Snails

Sea Snails:
These are the snails that live under water. These snails have hard and heavy shell on their back, which are bright in color and are pearly. They have many tiny teeth for grinding sea plants. For example: the Littorina, the allied Planaxis, Austrocochlea constricta, Phaesianella australis, Maoricolpus roseus, Cabestana splegleri, etc.

Land Snails:
Land snails are those snails, which live on land. These also belong to the family of Gastropods. It has a single shell, which is coiled, and thus it can be identified. These snails have projection on the front side of their head. One of the best examples of this land snail, which is most commonly found, is Helix. The shell of an adult of these species grows up to 18 cm and has an average diameter of 9 cm. They can also grow up to 30 cm in length. They have the life span of around 10 years. They are found mostly in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Dahomey, Togo and Nigeria. Achatina are the largest land snail. The Tiger snail and the Giant Ghana snail are also the examples of these species.

Freshwater snails:
Other than the sea and land snails, some snails are found in freshwater such as rivers, ponds and lakes. The two most common freshwater snails are the Pila and the Viviparus. It is found mostly in the ponds and water clogged areas. Some of them in detail are the following

Types of Aquarium Snails

The different types of snails, which can be kept in aquarium, are the Apple snail, Horned Nerite snail, Malaysian Trumpet snail, Pond snail, Ramshorn snail, Sulawesi snail, Tracked Nerite snail and Zebra Nerite snail.
The Apple snail
Apple snail These snails are available in four different species. They can live a long life and can grow up to a size of a tennis ball. They have the characteristics to eat the aquarium plants.
The Ramshorn snail
Ramshorn snail They look like a Rams horn and so they have been given their name as Ramshorn snail. They have the characteristics that they reproduce very quickly. They are available in colors like red, black or check patterned.
Pond snail
Pond snail These snails have a characteristic that they ride freely in the aquarium. They look like a football and have the tendency to reproduce very fast.
The trumpet snail
trumpet snail These snails eat the stuff, which has fallen in the aquarium. Thus, these snails clean the aquarium by feeding on the unusual stuffs. Thus, this can be a very good option for the aquarium.