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Mugger Crocodiles


Mugger Physical Appearance
These Mugger crocodiles resembles to the alligator of the crocodile family. They grow up to a size of around 16 feet, but on average they grow up to a length of 13 feet. The male of these species are generally larger as compared to the females. In the juvenile stage, they have black cross-bandingcross banding on their body as well as the tail. But, when they grow up the banding diminishes and their color varies from grey to brown. These species look like an American alligator with the broad snout. The Mugger crocodile have flat head and their nostrils, eyes and ears all lie on the same plane. Their strong jaw consists around (66 to 68) teeth. The mugger crocodile have tough and scaly skin on their body.

Muggar Habitat and Behavior
These crocodiles are freshwater inhabitants. They can be found in lakes, marshes and rivers. The mugger crocodiles are found in countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and Iran. These creatures migrate over long distance in search of better habitat. Mugger crocodiles are very good swimmers and their flat tail helps them to change their direction while swimming.

Muggar Feeding Habits
The juvenile of these species feed on small fish, insects and crustaceans, whereas the adults are known to feed on amphibians, reptiles and crustaceans. The adults are also known to feed on large animals such as frogs, birds, turtles, squirrels, snakes, deer and even buffaloes.

Mugger Crocodile

Mugger Crocodile Breeding / Reproduction
The females of these species reach sexual maturity either at the length of (1.7 to 2.0) meter or at the age of around 6 years. Whereas, the male of these species reach sexual maturity, either at the length of 2.6 meter or at the age of around 10 years. They make the nest in the month of December to February. The female lays around (25 to 30) eggs and the eggs hatches in about (55 to 75) days. The size of the hatchlings is around 30 cm in length. The sex of the hatchlings depends on the temperature. The males are born at the temperature of 32.5 degree Celsius, whereas the females are born at the temperature of about (28 to 31) degree Celsius. The female guards the eggs and when the hatchlings are born, it takes it to the water. The Mugger crocodile has a life span of about 40 years or more.

Muggar Crocodile Conservation
In the last few years, these Mugger crocodile have been hunted on a large basis for their skin. But, recently the main reason behind the decreasing population of these species is their habitat destruction. The habitat destruction is causing around 20% decline in their population. These species became extinct from the countries like Myanmar and Bangladesh. ButHowever, the different countries have started captivity breedingcaptivity-breeding program whichprogram, which has increased the number of Muggar crocodiles at to the large extent.