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Common Caiman

Common caiman

Physical Description
The Common Caimans are generally small-sized crocodile. The male of these species on average grow up to a size of (2 to 2.5) meter and females grow up to a size of 1.4 meter. However, the largest reported male measured 3 meter while the female measured 1.8 meter. They have a smooth and short head and short tail. Their smooth head has high skull and their snout is upturned. The juvenile of these species are yellow with black spots on the body and tail. Whereas, the adult of these species are dull olive, yellowish or brownish grey or green with dark brown cross bands. Apart from this, the adults have white bands on their jaws. These crocodiles have sharp teeth and the fourth and front teeth are visible when they close their mouth.

Habitat and Behavior
The Common caiman are found in both saltwater as well as freshwater. These species can be found in rivers, swamps, lakes and canals. These crocodiles can adapt themselves to any environment. They can stay in water with temperature above 28.5 degree Fahrenheit and depth, which could submerge them. These species are the inhabitants of Central and South America and Amazon forests. The Common caiman are not dangerous to human or other pet animals as they are small. Apart from this, they are not of aggressive nature.

Common caimans

Breeding / Reproduction
The females of the Common caiman mature at the age of (4 to 7) years, or at the size of 1.2 meters. The male of these species mature at the age of (4 to 7) years, or at the size of 1.4 meters. These species are known to reproduce their young ones sexually. Mating takes place in these species in the early dry season or late rainy season. The females of these species build the nest with the help of the branches, leaves or grass for laying their eggs. The females lay around (14 to 40) eggs. The females have the responsibility to guard the nest, till the egg hatches and this may take around 90 days. The hatchlings measure around (17 to 25) cm in length. These hatchlings remain in groups near females for around one and half-year, in order to protect themselves.

The Common caimans are not in the red list of endangered species. In the earlier days, these species were hunted at huge level. The leather made of the skin of these species was sold as the leather of Alligator Mississipiensis. The recent survey shows that the population of these species is in very good condition. The reason for its healthy population is its adaptability in environmental conditions, its reproductive potential, and its preservation in man-made water bodies.