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Penguins are the flightless birds, which are found especially in Antarctica. They have dark and white plumage which helps them to live in water. Apart from southern hemisphere, they are are also found in the temperate zone. The penguins which are large in size live in the colder regions, whereas the penguins which are smaller in size live in the in temperate or tropical climates. The largest of these species is the Emperor Penguin, which grows up to a size of 1.1 m tall and weighs up to 35 kg, whereas the smallest penguin is the Little Blue Penguin, which grows up to a size of 40 cm and weighs up to 1 kg.

Penguins are the carnivorous creatures which are known to feed on krill, squid, fish and other forms of sea animals. They prey on these animals while swimming in water. They are known to spend half of their lives in the Oceans and half on the land. These species do not drink water, but eat snow. These species have a glad in their nose which helps them to take out the salt that they swallow while catching the fish in the Ocean.

These species get mature at the age of (4 to 8) years. The smaller species mature at the younger age compared to the larger species. They get mature at the age of about 4 to 8 years. Usually, the smaller species get mature at a younger age, compared to the larger ones. Also, the smaller of the species have shorter life span compared to the larger ones. Many of these species are known to have the same partner year after year with which they mate. This characteristic of these species seem to be very different as compared to the other animals or birds found on the Earth. They can find their lifelong partners from the thousands of penguins which gather at the mating grounds. It has been known that some of these creatures can create offspring two or three times. For courtship, these species generally use some type of communication and calling in order to call each other. But, sometimes aggression can be seen in order to attract the right partner. The males seem to attract the females by using their vocal communications and building nice nests. These species lay 1 to 3 eggs at a time. The size of the eggs varies according to the type of these species. Both the male and the female of these species take care of the eggs until the eggs get mature. Sometimes the eggs remain abandoned if any of the partners does not come back, but the offspring that are taken care properly comes out of the egg successfully. The parents feed these young ones till they are able to hunt on their own. A wild penguin can live from (5-20) years of age depending on the species.

Penguin Penguins Interesting Facts
Some of the interesting facts about these amazing creatures are as follows

  • These species are birds that cannot fly.
  • Their body is in torpedo shape, which helps them to swim at high speeds.
  • The parents of these species take turns for warming their egg.
  • They are most often found in groups.
  • It is interesting to know that they take small naps in the water.
  • These creatures use their head and flippers to talk to other penguins.
  • These are known to be great divers and swimmers.
  • They use their wings as paddle to swim.
Penguins are the very beautiful and amazing creatures on this earth. So, it is very necessary to preserve them so that these beautiful creatures exist forever on this beautiful earth.