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Auklet : Whiskered Auklet

Whiskered Auklet

The Whiskered Auklet is also known as Aethia pygmaea and it is the smallest sea bird of this auk family. This type of sea birds is seen very limited range compared to any other sea bird of this type.

Aethia is found just on the some islands off Siberia like Commander Islands as well as around Aleutian Islands and also the breeding of this sea bird is seen on these islands. This seabird is the smallest alcids.

It has got its name because of the lengthy fair feathers on the face and these are one of the part of the breeding plumage in these sea birds. This Auklet type of sea bird is actually very less studied as the species need more research to be done aggressively.

These sea birds were at first illustrated as the different two species, from the various specimens collected across the range of this species. On the other hand research proved that them as a single species and have cline changes along the range.

This sea bird is not taken in consideration as migrating sea birds, but instead it is present at its breeding islands once in a year. These Auklet sea birds lay an egg in a single rocky crack and found in the movable colonies of sea birds along with the with other Whiskered Auklets.

In this species in incubation both the male as well as female sea birds take part and also in the baby chicken's growing phase. These sea birds also have helping sense and they are found out of the nests in night.

Whiskered Auklets sea bird nourish on the inshore region and in the range of 16 kilometer area, from which the tides are in progress and help to catch the prey. These sea birds feed majorly on copepods in the season of summer and on the euphausiid krill and Neocalanus plumchrus in the season of winter.