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Auklet : Parakeet Auklet

Parakeet Auklet

Parakeet Auklet is a small sized seabird found in North Pacific region. This sea bird is placed in the genus Cyclorrhynchus but as per the recent morphological and hereditary proofs, it is recommended that this sea bird should be positioned in the genus Aethia.

This sea bird breed on the rock face, inclining and stony grounds of offshore islands, usually shifting to south in the winter season. The Parakeet Auklet sea bird is a smaller sized 23 centimeter auk having tiny orange bill that is upside down to give the bird its inquisitive predetermined look.

The plumage of this sea bird is darker at the above side and whitish below along with a single white column extending from the eye towards the back. There is minor difference among breeding and the winter plumage of the sea bird.

The Parakeet Auklet sea bird is extremely vocal sea bird species at its nest and by calling for one time it come to the nest and then start dieting after the companion comes there. It creates a sequence of rhythmic hoarse identifying and a trembling squeal.

In these sea birds the use of above purpose is not known, but that could be connected with the caring its hole from prowler and increase the attachment with the mate sea bird. The Parakeet Auklet feed on different food in the different season, in the season of breeding it only take small planktonic crustaceans like euphausiids, amphipods and copepods. Recently it is also researched that these sea birds preys jellyfish in some sea areas for food.

It also feeds at a large distance from their colony and also can dive into water up to 30 meter to get to the prey in sea water. Breeding starts in the month of April and May in the colonies that are frequently shared with another auk species.

The sea bird pair then lay an egg and it is incubated for period of a month and then the baby bird is fed four times in a single day for total 35 days. The baby sea bird fledges during night and flies out alone towards the sea.