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Frigate Bird : Magnificent Frigate Bird

Magnificent Frigate Bird

The Magnificent Frigate sea bird or also known as Fregata magnificens and these are also occasionally known as Man O'War before some days. These are the sea birds different from other sea birds as they have the features like aerial piracy, speed and the dazzling casual lines.

This sea bird is widely spread along the tropical Atlantic region. They have the breeding colonies in the trees of the Caribbean, Florida as well as in the Cape Verde Islands. This is a sea bird which breeds all along the Pacific coast of Americas from Mexico to Ecuador which is also including the Galapagos Islands.

The sea bird also has occurred as a wanderer in the year 1998 on the island of Man in Spain and in Denmark. The male sea bird of this category was found worn out at Whitchurch, Shropshire, which is located at lots of miles away from the ocean, in the month of November of the year 2005.

Then that male sea bird was then moved to Chester Zoo, but unluckily that male bird died after some days keeping it there. Also one more drifter youth sea bird was saved in Healdsburg, California by a 'Bird Rescue Center' volunteer from a tree, which was attacked and caught in a winter storm in the month of January of the year 2008.

This shrunken Frigate sea bird was then moved in Cordelia to the 'International Bird Rescue Research Center'. Splendid and fully matured Frigate sea bird is of 100 cm in length means 39 inches wide and it is having the wingspan of 215 cm long which is 85 inch long.

Male Frigate sea birds are totally all black coloured and those are having a scarlet throat pouch. This throat pouch is used in breeding season as it exaggerated just like balloon during the breeding season of these birds.

Although the other feathers of this type of sea birds, those are black in colour and the sparkling scapular feathers. After refracting sunlight from them, these feathers turn into the shade of a purple colour.

Young Frigate sea birds have a white coloured head and it also has a white coloure under its body parts. Frigate seabirds are of type which never land on water and always take their food while in flight.

Female Frigate seabird of this category is also full black in colour and the only distinctive feature from male seabird is that, the female is having white coloured breast and also a white colour on lower neck side as well as on the wings. Also brown band is located with a blue colured eye ring in these female birds.

This type of sea birds are just like the remaining frigate family seabirds and these are also of the same size as compared to all but it is the Lesser Frigate bird. But this seabird lacks axillary spur of white coloure. The young Frigate seabird has a very specific and distinctive feature like a diamond shaped belly patch on its body.

The magnificent Frigate seabird is very silent while taking flight and but it ca also make rattling sounds at its nest of various types. These sea birds mainly feed on the fish and also keep attacking on the other sea birds and force them to eject their meal.