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Albatross : Light Mantled Sooty

Light Mantled Sooty

Light mantled sooty named sea bird is an albatross. It is also known with a name Phoebetria palpebrata scientifically. These sea birds have dark grey coloured head and the rest of the body is in light grey colour. These albatross have the main and distinguishing attribute is the whitish in colour semi-circular shaped marks around the eye of the sea bird.

These seabirds are having the wingspan of around 2.2 meter in length. This light mantled sooty albatross bird are also named as 'Blue Bird' during the nineteenth century by sealers, as they appears blue coloured in the powerful Antarctic light.

These type of sea birds build the nests with the mud and also make use of some plant material while building it. They in general lined up the nests with grasses. These are the low mass sea birds and those are having 45 to 55 cm wide base and 15 to 30 cm in height.

Light mantled sooty sea birds are from the lonely nesting birds, even though rarely the small number of this sea bird will nest in colonies of in all 15 at the same place. The behavioral characteristic related to the breeding season of these seabirds are very few known as mostly breeding lifespan is totally spent at sea by these birds.

Then also it is seen that the breeding sequence of this species is similar to the wandering albatross sea bird of the same family and the breeding sequence is repeated after every consequent two years during their lifespan.

These seabirds have diet composed of cephalopods and euphausiids. But these sea birds also take fish and carrion as along with the regular diet. These Light mantled sooty albatross are the smallest albatross found in the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic regions.

Light-mantled sooty seabirds are actually an ample breeding species of albatross family located on the Macquarie Island. It is also been observed that more than 1000 pairs nests here each and every year.