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Frigate Bird : Lesser Frigate Bird

Lesser Frigate Bird

Lesser Frigate bird or also know as Fregata Ariel sea birds. It is also a species of frigate sea birds. These seabirds nests in Australia and the nearby locations. These Lesser Frigate seabirds is said to be the widely common and wide spread seabirds found in the Australian oceans.

It is ordinary seabird found in the tropical oceans and have breeding on the distant islands, some of the distant Islands are Christmas Island in current years. The seabirds are widely seen from the mainland in the beginning of a tropical storm and also these seabirds got vanish and decrease after that season from here.

It is a seabird which is smallest of all the frigate seabirds and it mainly seen in Australian seas, these seabirds are about 75 centimeter means 30 inch in length. In these seabirds as well like all remaining frigate seabirds, the male seabirds is having big and red coloured sac on its throat on front side. This sac is exaggerated in the season of breeding.

While in the breeding season they also have diversity of their calling volumes by rattling a bill or also by spreading the wings wide. This type of seabird male is typical and full black with a white coloured patch on its flank and this expand towards the under wing.

These male seabird also has a light bar on its upper side of the wing. Female seabirds of this species have black coloured head with a neck in a white collar and their breast and the spur extends on towards the under wing.

These female seabirds has narrow red coloured ring around its eye and the baby birds are difficult to distinguish but in them the spurs of white coloured in the armpits is present and it helps a lot as a unique sign for these baby sea birds.

Frigate birds are mainly built for flying in air and these sea birds hardly swim. They can't walk on ground but these seabirds can manage anyhow to climb on trees as well as bushes and here they nest mostly.

These seabirds are having very much light skeleton, but the wings are long and narrow and this is the reason why these birds are the masters when they are flying.

These seabirds harass other type of seabirds like the boobies and the tropical seabirds while they are going back to the nests after feeding, force these seabirds to expel the food and then jump upon the caught by the seabirds before reaching below the water.

The female frigate seabirds do this type of behavior very often and these females are having very less amount of the diet, in which they like to eat squid and flying fish scraped from the sea surface.

In Australia breeding in these seabirds is occurs in between the month of May to December. These seabirds nest in the trees located on the Christmas Island and while nesting both male and female seabirds help each other in building a nest as well as in incubation along with the baby bird feeding.

One egg of this seabirds takes six to seven weeks to hatch and they never left the baby bird alone as there is a chance of attack by other type of seabirds for seven weeks. These seabirds then stays inside the nest for more six months or till they are cared and fed by their parent seabirds.