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Auklet : Least Auklet

Least Auklet

The least auklet sea bird is just similar to size of a sparrow and this sea bird is of length six inch. This sea bird is the smallest auklet species in the whole Alcid family.

This sea bird has feathers of color dark brown to black on the back side of the wings.

This sea bird also has whitish feathers dotted on the chest as well as on the under sides. In the summer season the sea bird has a plume of white color on the back side of the eyes.

The seabird is also having the bill of dark red color, and eyes of yellow color. It has a short tail with webbed feet of gray to black color. In these sea birds the males as well as females look similar.

The seabird least auklet breeds on the islands and off the coast of Alaska. The sea bird of this type nests on rocky coast with plenty of rocks.

This sea bird lives on the open sea during the non-mating season. This sea bird dives inside water from the surface and then it scoop up zooplankton.

The least auklet sea bird leaves the open sea in the month of June and return towards the breeding grounds. This sea bird also lives in large colonies on the rock covered sea coast and also on the marked locations on rock faces. Each female sea bird of the least auklets family lays an egg in a crack.

Then that egg hatches in the month and sea bird carries food for the baby bird back into the colony in a small special throat bag. The baby sea bird will fledge in duration of a month and then the least auklets come on land just for breeding.