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Frigate Bird : Great Frigate Bird

Great Frigate Bird

The species of the Great Frigate sea bird also known as Fregata and it is very minor in the whole category of this type of seabirds. These sea birds are disappearing mainly from this family. Foremost nesting area of this seabird with the population of the same type is seen in the Pacific, and it is including the Indian Oceans as well as the Galapagos Islands.

These seabirds are also seen in South Atlantic region as well. These Great Frigate sea birds are with light built and are the larger sea birds of this family with the 105 centimeter length and having major black plumage.

The seabird type have their breeding season signs like female sea bird of this type is larger as compared to the fully developed and matured male from the same family. These seabirds are having white coloured throat as well as breast.

This type of male seabird is having a scapular feathers and the feathers are having a purple and green coloured shining on it. Expansion of prominent red gular sac in the male seabird is possible in the breeding period.

This type of seabird feed on the fish majorly and only while flying nearby from the surface of the ocean. The feed of these seabirds includes flying fish category fish generally and catch the fishes but not with very similar speed as that of the other frigate family seabirds.

These sea birds of this family feed in the pelagic waters and which is surrounded by are of nearly 80 kilometer around their breeding colony.