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Rhinoceros Auklet

Auklets are any of the six smallest seabird species from family Alcidae. Auklets are from order Charadriiformes. Auklet is the name referred to birds of several genera from family Alcidae. These birds are also called as sea sparrow. All the auklets except the Cassin's auklet breeds in the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea. The Cassin's auklet breeds in the south from the Aleutians to Baja California.

Auklets have similarities with auks in appearance and habits, but are relatively small in size. The smallest member of the family is least auklet (Aethia pusilla). Its length is about 15 cm only. The other members from the family are rhinoceros auklet, parakeet auklet and crested auklet.

Rhinoceros Auklets are recognized with their short and fat bill, which has upright projection like a rhinoceros horn. Rhinoceros auklets are close relatives of the puffins, because of which they are also referred as Rhinoceros Puffin. However, the Parakeet Auklets are characterized by their upturned, orange/red beak. Parakeet are also known as paroquet auklets.

The crested auklet is well recognized in its breeding season. It is characterized by the two things which appeares in its breeding season. First, it gets a crest on the top of the head, which is a cluster of hair like feathers above the eyes. And secondly, it produces a tangerine like smell during the breeding season.

Most of the auklets breed primarily in the North Pacific Ocean. However, some travel to the south like Japan and Mexico during winters. Auklets nest in the crevices near the sea. During the breeding period they lay one egg in their nest. The young auklet lives in the nest until it becomes mature. Auklet

The species of auklet with their scientific classification are given below: