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Frigate Bird : Ascension Frigate Bird

Ascension Frigate Bird

Ascension Frigate sea bird is also known with a name Fregata Aquila. These seabirds breed just in the tropical regions of the Atlantic Ocean as well as seen on minute Boatswain bird Island, which is located near Ascension Island.

In the earlier period these seabirds bred on various larger island and the seabirds are also reduced just getting introduced as cats, human maltreatment and Brown Rats. These seabird breeds on the rough Boatswain bird slope.

There are more than 10,000 seabirds of the same type are found. As compared with the other type of frigate birds, these seabirds are small in size when not breeding. Frigate sea bird originated on the way out in the year 1953 in the locations like Scotland and Tiree.

These seabirds movements while in the breeding season is less known as it is very difficult to distinguish these birds from other type of frigate birds. These seabirds feed on the fish as well as they also go for the surface prey like the little turtles and all.

The seabird species is extremely similar to the remaining frigate sea birds and it is also very similar in shape and size to them. This seabird has a white coloured axillary spur and young baby bird of this type has a white coloured head. These seabirds have a clear white coloured back neck and no any reddish or brown shade is seen on it. The seabird has brown coloured breast band.

The seabirds of this species are separated as susceptible, as these breeds on a very small island and there are chance of attack by cats in their natural habitat is possible.