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Sea Amphibians


About Sea Amphibians :
Sea amphibians gradually developed from animals that lived in the sea about thousand million years ago. The earliest sea amphibians date back over 450 million years. The most commonly found amphibians are the frog, toad, salamander and yosemite toad

Habitat :
Sea amphibians usually lay their eggs in water. The juvenile amphibians are similar to small fish. The tadpole, or juvenile frog, after their birth, lives in water.

Physical characteristics :
Sea amphibians have tail that helps them to swim like a fish. It also has gills like fish and it helps them to breathe under water. As the tadpole gets mature and turns into a frog, it loses its gills as well as tail, and they develop legs for moving on land, which not only helps them to move on land, but also helps them to swim in water. Depending on the types of amphibian, breathing can take place through gills, lungs and the lining of the mouth. Amphibians have the capability to change their body temperature with its environment. Amphibians hibernate during the cold season.

Difference between Sea amphibians and Sea fish :

  • Sea amphibians and sea fish are different because fish lives in water to survive. While sea amphibians, though they are born in water they can live on land as well as in water.
  • A most important difference between the two animals is that sea amphibians breathe using gills when they are young and they develop lungs as they get mature, where as fish completely rely on gills for their entire lives.
  • Amphibians always undergo metamorphosis as they grow from juvenile to adult stage, but fish do not undergo this change.
  • Sea amphibians have eyelids and ears but fish do not have ears or eyelids.
  • Sea amphibians are capable of vocalizations, they can produce sounds, but fish can not produce any sound.
  • Fishes have scales on their body, where as amphibians skin is moist.

Sea Amphibians
Axoloti Fire Belly Toad Yosemite Toad
Eastern Newt Nudibranch