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Naval Sea Systems Command

The Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), researches, develops, procures, furnishes logistic support, and other material functions. NAVSEA carries out these functions for ships and craft, shipboard weapons systems and expendable ordnance, and air-launched mines and torpedoes. This command is also responsible for the above functions in shipboard systems and components. Some of these are propulsion (including nuclear), power generating, sonar, search radar, and auxiliary equipment. NAVSEA is responsible for ship system integration and for coordination of logistic support for ships. NAVSEA has central authority for ship and nuclear power safety; for explosives, propellants, and actuating parts; and for explosive safety and explosive ordnance disposal. This command also provides technical and material support for diving and for salvage of stranded and sunken ships, craft, aircraft, and other objects. NAVSEA also coordinates shipbuilding conversion and repair in Navy and DOD.

The largest of the Navy's five systems commands, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) engineers, builds and supports America's Fleet of ships and combat systems. Accounting for nearly one-fifth of the Navy's budget (approximately $20 billion), NAVSEA manages more than 130 acquisition programs, which are assigned to six affiliated Program Executive Officers (PEOs) and various Headquarters elements.

The nearly 50,000 NAVSEA team members serve the Fleet in four shipyards, the undersea and surface warfare centers, nine supervisors at major shipbuilding locations and the headquarters, currently located at the Washington Navy Yard, in Washington DC. America's Fleet operates throughout the world.

NAVSEA's world-class team of professionals provide virtual support anywhere and anytime to ensure the Fleet remains ready and capable - operating around the globe. NAVSEA looks toward the future as an agile, responsive, and learning organization in a new millennium - successfully serving the American people and Keeping America's Navy as number 1 in the World.