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Loggerhead Sea Turtles

Loggerhead Turtles

About Loggerhead Turtles
The loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta), or loggerhead sea turtle is a turtle, which belongs to the Cheloniidae family. They are generally oceanic turtle and grow up to a size of 213 cm when fully grown. An adult loggerhead sea turtle weigh up to 200 kilograms. The color of their skin ranges from yellow to brown. They have a shell of reddish-brown color on their body. The largest loggerhead turtle once caught weighed 545 kilograms, which was a record size that was seen. Around 14,000 females nest in the southeastern US each year. But, it is in the IUCN red list of endangered species

Loggerhead Turtles Fast Facts
Let�s discuss the interesting facts about the loggerhead turtles, they are as follows

Loggerhead turtle Habitat
These species spend most of their life in shallow water and open Ocean. They live in floating mats of Sargassum algae when they are in hatchling stage. They like to live in the water temperature, which ranges from (13.3 to 28) degree Celsius during non-nesting season and (27 to 28) degree Celsius in nesting season. They are found in the Oceans like the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. They are also found in the Mediterranean Sea.

Loggerhead Turtle

Loggerhead turtle Behavior
It is being observed that these loggerhead turtles are more active during day time whether in wild or captivity. In their daily activities they swim and rest on the bottom. They rest motionless with their eyes closed or half-shut. Though resting, they remain alert at these times too. Their metabolic rate is highly affected by the increase or decrease in water temperature.

Loggerhead turtle Diet
You would be curious to know that "what these loggerhead turtles eat?" The answer is that they like to feed on bottom dwelling invertebrates. The loggerhead sea turtles are omnivorous. They also feed on polychaete worms, cephalopods, sea urchins, sea pens, sponges, starfish, corals, sea anemone, sea cucumbers, snail, vascular plants, etc.

Loggerhead turtle Reproduction
The female of the loggerhead sea turtles get mature and first reproduce between the ages of (17-33) years. Their mating period lasts for about six weeks. In the mating process, the male approaches and mounts on a female. The behavior of nuzzling, biting, etc. is common among the males of these species. Then the female ovulate the eggs and the male fertilizes it. The loggerhead turtles mate between March to June and the nesting season is most probably in June and July. Females lay eggs at intervals of (12-17) days at the time of nesting season.

Loggerhead Turtle egg

Loggerhead Turtles Predators
The predators of this loggerhead turtle are various in numbers. The predators at the time of nesting include ants, snakes, cats, crabs, bears, canids, birds, crows, beetles, rats, opposums, worms, and many more. When talking about Ocean and sea the predators include sharks, monk seals, killer whales, toads, lizards, Axolotl, parrotfish, crabs, etc.

Loggerhead turtles Conservation
Loggerhead sea turtles were intensively hunted in the past years for their meat and eggs. As it became illegal to hunt these turtles in the present, the consumption has decreased. But, the turtle's eggs are a common meal in Mexico.