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Killer Whale Attacks On Humans

 killer whale attacks

Killer Whales Attacks on Human Being

Orcas (or killer whales) are the most powerful. These killer whales hunt bigger sea animals such as leopard, seals and great white sharks. It has been recorded that they also attack usually on terrestrial species such as moose. However, wild orcas are not considered as a real threat to humans, as there are very few such cases of wild orcas attacking human being. None of the recorded attacks have shown any been fatal injuries.

Killer Whales Attacks on Human in Wild

There are a few known cases of wild orcas attacking humans but none of these have been fatal. Those cases are as follows
  • In 1910s, the Terra Nova Expedition recorded that killer whales attempted to hit on ice sheet, where an expedition photographer and with a sled dog team were standing
  • A surfer in California was badly bitten by a killer whale, in the year 1970s
  • A-12-year old boy named Ellis Miller was "bumped" in his shoulder while he was swimming in water in Helm Bay, near Ketchikan, in August 2005


Killer Whales Attacks on Human in Cativity

The killer whales are known to attack in captivity too. Some of the cases are as follows
  • A young female orca of the New York whose name was Lupa, chased her trainers out of the tank, in 1968
  • A California trainer whose name was Jeff Pulaski, during performances, was thrown off and chased out of the tank, in the early 1970s, while riding a female orca named Kianu
  • Another Marine World California trainer, whose name was Dave Worcester, was dragged to the bottom of the tank by the park's male orca, Nepo, in the 1970s
  • A14-year-old female killer whale tried to bite a Sea World California trainer, in 1993
  • A male orca, named Cuddles in England, became aggressive towards its trainers, in 1970
  • On February 23, 1984, a 7-year-old female orca named Kandu V grabbed a California trainer, Joanne Hay
  • A 22-year-old Killer fish grabbed her trainer Ken Peters and attempted to throw him from the pool during a public show at Sea World San Diego, on June 12, 1999

Killer Whales Attacks on Polar Bear

The killer whale is probably the most deadly predator in the entire world. This species is capable of killing the largest animals in the world, which includes even the blue whale. Thus a polar bear would not fight very well against a killer whale. The killer whale has the superior swimming ability and can attack the polar bear from all sorts of angles. It means that the polar bear has no chance of escape. A polar bear might even be in trouble against a killer whales calf, which only weighs about 400 pounds at birth.