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Dolphin Introduction :
The sea dolphins are one of the loveliest creatures made by God. They are very intelligent creature. They live in water. but they are sea mammals, and not a deep sea fish. These sea dolphins are warm-blooded and grow up to a size of approx (1.2-9.5) meters. They can weigh up to 10 tonnes. They have a life span of about 40 years. They produce very sweet and lovely sound when they talk to each other. They are very peaceful sea animals and are often found in groups playing with each other. They have a smooth and streamlined body.

Habitat and Behavior :
They have a smooth and streamlined skin, which allows them to swim smoothly in water. They take short cat snaps while sleeping. They feed mostly at night and are very active during this time. They can dive to a great depth of about 1640 feet inside water and can also leap up to a great height above water.

Reproduction and Breeding :
They carry their young one inside their womb and the gestation period is about 12 months. The baby stays with its mother for around (3-6) years. During this period they learn the techniques of social interaction, feeding and how to live in groups. During mating time, males leap to show females that how powerful they are. And they do this also to keep away the predators.

Problem faced by the Sea Dolphins :

  • The different modern fishing methods like purse seine, gillnets, etc.
  • The water of the sea is getting polluted and this is also killing the dolphins.
  • The low sonar frequency, which are produced from ships are also dangerous for dolphins.
  • Sometimes the propeller of the ships and boats also kill the dolphins.
  • Sometimes these sea dolphins get entangled in the fishing gear.

IUCN Report about Sea Dolphins : The International Union for Conservative of Nature(IUCN) report says that the three families of the dolphins are in endangered list of extinction. So, the government should take some strict measures in order to protect these species from getting extinct. Also, the human kind should understand or they will lose this lovely creature forever from this earth.

Types of Dolphins