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Spotted Ratfish

Hydrolagus colliei

Physical Characters : These fish are related to sharks and have rabbitlike faces, smooth skin and large green eyes. Their spotted, brownish bodies taper to a pointed tail. Their teeth are fused, forming a chisel-like plate. The females are upto to 38 inches or 1 m in size while males are significantly smaller than females.

Ratfish swim just above the seafloor, searching for their next meal��they munch on crunchy food like deep sea crabs and clams.

Distribution : They are mostly at seafloor depth of 49 to 3,300 feet or 15 to 1,000 m. In Monterey Bay they are most common at depth of 98 to 328 feet or 30 to 100 m.

Food : Mostly they are eating shrimp, clams, worms, sea stars, fishes.