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Poisonous Fish

Poisonous Fish

Poisonous fish are the category of fish that contains poison. Sea is full of creatures and mysteries. There are both types of animals in the sea. Some are harmful while some are harmless and some of them contain poison in their body. There are 1200 species of those fish that produce poison. Some of the examples of poisonous fish are Scorpion fish, Lion fish, box fish, Fugu, stonefish, etc. Some of them in their category are highly poisonous. They are found on the reefs and wrecks.
Types of Poisonous Fish
Puffer Fish :
Puffer fish or Fugu in Japanese is the most poisonous fish. The puffer fish contains a poison named as "tetrodotoxin", which is found in its organs like liver, the ovaries and the skin. The effect of puffer fish poisoning on the human body is very dangerous. Its poison blocks the sodium channel and thus paralyzes the muscles. The dish of this fish is very famous in Japan. However, one has to be very careful in preparing its dish, as it is very poisonous. Carelessness may lead sometime to an accidental death. The puffer fish poison is 1250 times deadlier than cyanide. The amount of poison available in an adult puffer fish can kill 30 persons. There are 100 kinds of puffer fish and the 38 species are found in Japan alone.

Poisonous Jelly Fish :
Poisonous Jelly Fish

The jelly fish is considered to be one of the oldest creature that live in the sea. These jelly fish are considered harmless generally however, some of them are very dangerous. They are poisonous stinger and can cause pain in the human body, and death sometimes. Some of the poisonous jelly fish are the box jellyfish, moon jellyfish, irukandji jellyfish, purple, striped jellyfish, box jellyfish, mauve stinger and sea nettles.

Causes and symptoms of fish poisoning
Mercury Poisoning From Fish : People like to eat fish but are not aware of mercury poisoning. The body of the fish has a tendency to absorb toxic substance, which is called as methylmercury. As a result of water pollution, the mercury is also increasing. And thus it is harmful for both fish and the human beings. Therefore, mercury poisoning can be one of the threats human being has in eating fish. The Bureau of Health Environmental Toxicity Program has categorized the fish in two levels. One of them is that which contains less mercury level like tuna, halibut, oysters, shrimps, etc. The other one contains a high amount of mercury such as swordfish, shark, tilefish, etc. The research suggests that one should eat fish with low mercury level but it not very clear that whether they are safe to eat. The mercury poisoning from the fish can cause permanent damages to your brain or kidneys. It hampers the neurological development of the brain in a human being. The symptoms of the mercury poisoning can be mental imbalance, numbness in hands and feet, vision impairment, poor conditions of muscles, muscle weakness, etc.

Scombroid Fish Poisoning
Scombroid Fish Poisoning is a type of illness that is caused due to eating of spoiled fish. It is mostly caused by eating the fishes like tuna, bonito, sardines, mackerel, etc. The symptoms of this illness can be nausea, diarrhea, a sense of unease, oral burning, headache, abdominal cramps and skin flushing. Therefore, one should be careful before eating these types of spoiled fish.