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Perch Fish

Perch Fish Perch is a fresh water fish. It belongs to the Percidae family, which is the family of ray-finned fish. These species have well proportioned body but they vary in their body structure. Some of them are singularly high-backed whereas the others are low and long-bodied. Perciformes is the order to which this fish belongs and this is the order, which contains more than 150 families and more than 6000 species. Among the 150 families, 30 families are still a mystery to the scientists as they know very little about their habits and behavior. These fish can be recognized from even very far as it has brilliant striking colors. They are of rich greenish-brown with golden reflections on their back and side. They have around 5 to 7 dark cross bands on their back. There is a large black spot, which occupies the membrane of these species between their last spines of the dorsal and ventral fin. They have striped body, which helps them to hide in the aquatic vegetation. The males of these species are more brightly colored as compared to the females. These species have rough scales on their gill plates, which culminates in their sharp bony spike. These creatures are found in Britain, South Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. These species grow up to a size of (5 to 12) inches and may weigh up to 4 pounds.

Perch Fish facts
Some of the interesting facts about these fish are as follows:

These species is generally carnivorous in nature and wanders in small groups in search of food. The perch likes to feed on small marine fish, nymphs, worms and larvae.

Perch Fishes Reproduction
The different species of the perch fishes have different reproductive and spawning behavior. They spawn at the temperature of about (43 to 48) degree Fahrenheit. Most of these species lay eggs and these eggs get fertilized in open water and then after fertilization they sink to the bottom. However, in some of the species the eggs floats freely in the water. After the eggs are being laid, in most of the species the eggs are laid unguarded with no care from their parents. But, in some cases the eggs are guarded by the males of the species after the egg hatches. These species do not build nests, while they lay their eggs on the aquatic vegetation present in the water. The eggs take around (8 to 10) days to hatch. These creatures have a life span of around 10 years.

Perch as Food
The meat of these fish is very tasty and delicious. Apart from being delicious, its white and flaky meat is rich in nutrition. It contains almost all the vitamins and proteins, which make it a healthy food for the human body. The meat of this species is low in fats and rich in phosphorous, manganese, selenium and vitamin B12. Therefore, the meat of these species is very popular among sea foods. It also contains omega 3 fatty acids, but this is high in cholesterol and so it should be taken in limited quantity.