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Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra

About neon tetras :
Neon tetra (Paracheirodon innesi), is a small fish, which belongs to the family of Characidae. This fish is very popular among the aquarium fish. These fishes are brightly colored thus, add beauty to the aquarium. They are very peaceful fish and stay very quietly in the aquarium. It is generally a freshwater fish. They have abdomen of silver-white color and light-blue back. It has a blue horizontal stripe along each side of this fish, starting from its nose to the base of the caudal fin. Some of them have olive-green sheen linings. At nights, the blue and red color changes into silver color when the fish rests. The neon tetra fish are shoaling fish, which likes to live in group. They grow up to a size of 3 cm in length.

There is a lot more to know about neon tetra. These are one of the most beautiful fish that can be kept in the aquarium. These are a very good option for the beginner aquarists. It is a non-aggressive and peaceful fish. The neon tetra is a freshwater fish and is found in the tropical parts of northern South America. The neon tetra is found in western Brazil, southeastern Colombia, eastern Peru and also in the rivers like Amazon, Yarapa and Napo. They are non-aggressive fish species and are roughly of same size. These fishes like to live in groups. If it is kept alone in the aquarium it will be hiding most of the time and the stress can weaken their immune system. Therefore, it can be kept in a group of five. The neon tetra fish are omnivore. They feed on plant matter, worms, crustaceans and small insects. When kept in the aquarium they feed on frozen food, flakes food and freeze-dried food.

Reproduction and Breeding :
The female neon tetra has a big and round belly compared to the male. It is quite difficult to breed this neon tetra in the captivity mostly for the new aquarists. A pair of neon tetras is placed in a tank where there is no light. The light is gradually increased till the spawning occurs. The eggs of the neon tetra hatch in 24 hours after it is being laid. The eggs should be removed as soon as it is being laid because the adult will eat the newly-hatched fry. The water should be changed continuously or it should be sterilized to prevent any types of diseases that may occur.

Neon Tetra Diseases :
A problem that is related to these neon-tetra fish is the disease called as "Neon Tetra Disease" (NDT). There is often a chance that these fish may get infected to this disease. The biggest problem is that this disease is incurable so the ultimate end is the death of the fish. In addition, it passes from one fish to another very soon. The symptoms can be color loss, restlessness, difficulty in swimming, etc. Hence, neon tetras care is very important for the aquarium lovers.