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Midwater Eelpout

Melanostigma pammelas

Physical Characters : An eelpout's size and body provide clues to understanding life in the midwater. Fishes like eelpouts have weak skeletons, without much muscle, so they don't grow very large or swim very fast. They are normally upto 7 inches or 17 cm in size.

An eelpout isn't really an eel; it just looks like one, with its long, thin body. It's frequently seen curled up into an "O"�scientists think eelpouts might be disguising themselves to avoid being eaten.

Distribution : Mostly these are distributed from British Columbia to central Mexico, at depths between 314 and 7,200 feet or 96-2,195 meters.

Food : They are mostly eating euphausiids, copepods, salps, amphipods, shrimp.