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Johnson's Sea Cucumber

Parastichopus johnsoni

Physical Characters : Sea cucumbers are soft-bodied and live at all ocean depths, from the shallows to the abyss. These are normally upto to 16 inches long (40 cm).

Most sea cucumbers move slowly by using their tiny tube feet, but some also have a faster escape response��they swim by flexing their bodies and inching along the seafloor.

As a deep sea cucumber crawls across the seafloor, mud and tiny pieces of fallen food cling to its sticky tentacles. The cucumber stuffs those coated tentacles into its mouth and cleans them off��devouring the muddy mixture and digesting the edible scraps.

Distribution : Mostly these are distributed at the seafloor, 100-1,300 feet (30-400 m).

Food : These are mostly eating plant and animal scraps, small organisms.