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Hatchet Fish

The common name of the hatchet fishes (family Sternoptychidae) comes from their distinctive body form. They are mostly deep-bodied, compressed fishes, which have a sharp "blade" along the lower margin of the body, and a "handle" formed by the posterior half of the body. One of the distinguishing characters of the genus Argyropelecus is the presence of a bony blade in front of the dorsal fin.

Hatchet fishes are deep sea fishes which have upward-directed eyes and light-producing photo-phores (light organs). Some of the photo-phores of the Large Hatchet fish are like yellowish dots in a row above the anal fin and running along the abdominal margin. In life, this species is brown dorsally and on the sides. The head and ventral areas around the photo-phores are black, and the photo-phores are white to gray with a black margin.

The Large Hatchet fish has a widespread marine distribution. Hatchet fish live all around the world but they are mostly found near South and Central America. They live in the mid section of the ocean reaching depths of 4500 meter.

Hatchet fish are small Bioluminescence creatures. They have mechanisms that are very useful for survival in the ocean. Hatchet fishes are one of the only fish that can jump in the water. Their eyes and mouth are located on the upper surface on their body.They protect themselves by using their bioluminescence to camouflage in the water so the upper body can look like the ocean and the surface on the bottom can't be seen by anyone.

Mostly the Hatchet Fish are raised in aquariums. Since their eyes and mouth are located on the upper surface they eat what is above them. They easily jump out of the water and eat small flies and mosquitoes.