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Giant Red Mysid

Gnathophausia ingens

Physical Characters : A giant red mysid grows to be about four inches (10 cm) long-although one was found to be over 12 inches (32 cm) long. Its brilliant red color provides a clue to life in the midwater: red appears black in the dim blue-green light of the midwater, so this bright red animal is actually camouflaged.

A mysid might seem like an easy meal for a hungry fish with big teeth. But this shrimplike animal packs a secret weapon. When a fish threatens to eat it, a mysid spits out glowing fluid. The sudden flash of light distracts the attacker and gives the mysid time to swim away.

Distribution : Mostly these are distributed in tropical and temperate seas worldwide, at depths of 1,300-2,950 feet (396-900 meters).

Food : They are mostly eating small crustaceans.