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Bottlenose Whales

Berardius bairdii

Bottlenose Whales Bagula Whales are small (3 - 5m) toothed whales that inhabit coastal and estuarine areas, often with pack ice, in arctic and subarctic areas of the northern hemisphere. They can be recognized by their white color, prominent rounded melon, stout body shape and lack of dorsal fin.

The bottlenose whale (Hyperoodon ampullatus), commonly found offshore Labrador in cold Deep Sea water, occasionally migrates to Newfoundland. Its steeply sloped forehead has a swollen looking head that is full of spermaceti. Generally it is a light brown with a white forehead and has a sickle-shaped fin. Because the northern bottlenose is curious and comes close to boats to investigate noise, it was an easy target during whale-hunting days. On terminal dives the bottlenose lifts its tail out of the water like the humpback does.