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Albatross : Yellow Nosed Albatross

Yellow Nosed Albatross

The other mollymwalk named Yellow nosed Albatross is a sea bird and it is from the Atlantic region. These seabirds are also known with a name Thalassarche chlororhynchos. These are also the large sized sea bird of albatross family.

This is another small mollymawk and it was sometime considered as Indian Yellow nosed Albatross and then onwards it got the name Yellow nosed Albatross. Many authorities still suppose these two similar species as the same one and not different.

Yellow nosed Albatross seabird is black and white mollymawk and is having a grey colored head and a big patch on eyes. It is noticed as different from the Indian Yellow nosed sea bird by the dark head. It has smaller size and thin wings with a thin black edging under the wing.

Grey headed Albatross of this family also has similar grey colored head but it is more widespread in these sea birds as compared to yellow nosed sea birds and also the few and not so well defined black markings are seen surrounding of the edge of the under wing.

Salvin's Albatross is a sea bird having the grey colored head, but it has extra broader wings than these and a light bill with narrow black borders seen on the under wing.

Yellow nosed Albatrosses are also seen on the mid-Atlantic Islands, which includes the Tristan da Cunha, Gough Island and few of other surrounding islands. These seabirds also live in colonies like rest albatross, but abnormally they build their nests in scrub or among the Blechnum tree ferns.

Also this type of sea bird build the nests at base like other mollymawks made up of mud as well as of other many handy materials and lay a single egg in each nest. These seabirds are seen wide spread across the south Atlantic to South America and to Africa. They mainly feed on squid, crustacea and fish.