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Albatross : Black Browed Albatross

Black Browed Albatross

The sea bird black browed albatross is also known as Thalassarche melanophrys. It is also from the large sea bird of albatross family. These seabirds are rarely seen on the IUCN Red catalog, but are widely spread as an ordinary albatross.

This Black browed seabird of Albatross family is medium in size; nearly 80 to 95 centimeter that is 32 to 38 inch in length and having 200 to 235 centimeter that is 79 to 93 inch wing span. The sea bird is having a weight of an average of 3.7 kilogram that is 8.2 lbs and natural life span of over 70 years generally.

Like other albatross sea birds these are famous as 'mollymawks' and these are specified separate from Wandering Albatross by the total dark upper wings and a dark tail band. These sea birds are also smaller in size as compare to the other birds of this species. The features similar in all mollymawks are dark eyes tripe which has given the name to this sea bird.

This sea bird also has broad black strip and white head with orange bill and tip dark orange in color. In the baby birds of this species the under wings are darker and grey color head with grey bill and tip black in color.

These mollymawks look very similar to the grey headed Albatrosses but latter on they develop a total dark bills and also have more dark head markings in them.

The species of these birds is found in the southern oceans and North Atlantic because of their northerly migrating tendency. Even though not so commonly occurring but on many places like Black browed Albatross has summered in Scottish Gannet colonies for many years.

Ornithologists supposed that the sea bird similar as the sea bird named Albert, living in north Scotland. It is then also supposed that the bird was blown into the North Atlantic before the forty years.

It is also considered as the sea birds are with age more than 47 years and a very similar incident took place in the gannet colony in the Faroe Islands of Mykines, where a sea bird of this species lived among the gannets for the duration of more than thirty years continuously. Because of this single known incident now days the albatross is also well known as the 'Gannet King'.